Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Xbox VS PS3

Haha, sorry for long time no update

Today i just check out reuben blog and found out that xbox natal is coming soon, from the intro is really damm awesome interactive, but i thinking if some action game like devil may cry......wah.....i think will play till tire till cannot move, whatever... i share it with my colleague, and suddenly i get some ps fan who ask me to forget about xbox and they intro me another motion sensor in ps3 which also a future thing in ps3. Both are really damm awesome in interactive this time. Future game both is integrate with gesture and motion.

xbox n

ps3 motion controller

Gay rite? dammit which should i buy LOLZ!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A week in Arachnid

A week in arachnid, last week....... seriously no work for me T^T. For sure no wasting time for me, so i just keep on playing game. LOLZ jkjk. So i just keep do research on ActionScript and try to improve my flash skill and AS, beside my boss also give me some task to research more on 3D in flash and have given me some crazy sample. ~o~, look like i have a hard time to go.

Saturday, i have attend my company activities and was going to white water rafting.

GOGO Rafting~~~

At the begining, my boss, brian ask me to go to this white water rafting....well, although that time i have no idea what is that and i have just say yes hahaha of course need money d T^T.(but just pay a bit la and company will help pay the others) erm...not bad not bad.

Before starting to raf, of course the leader will brief us for how to raf, how to save urself and so on.

The first stage, weeeee , a easy go 1

The second stage, also the most chi gek 1, actually the leader got intro 1 got a name but ....i forget edi. ( the drifing part LOLZ)

The last one, also a easy go.

Finally, end it in 2hours. After this game, i get a lot bruises =='''

The wining glory! wakakakaka

Well, after finish rafting and this week......

I finally got works do jor, and i wan to F*** Up DAMM SLICING! LOLZ, get some slicing work, can say is my first work, really forget how to slice and have to use adobe fireworks to do it. Although not really familiar with adoe fireworks but i found out fireworks is very convenient in slicing~ will start to love it T^T.

After slice still have to sent mail sent link sent sent sent many thing ~o~ sent until miss out many thing din't sent LOLZ~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

illusexhibition by dasein

Yo guys, Dasein will having a exhibition in DASEIN ACADEMY of ART's GALLERY in

8th-13rd MAY 2009

10am - 6pm weekday
10am - 2pm weekend

for more details please have a visit to their blog ba

GOGO~~~helping promote XD hahaha