Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Xbox VS PS3

Haha, sorry for long time no update

Today i just check out reuben blog and found out that xbox natal is coming soon, from the intro is really damm awesome interactive, but i thinking if some action game like devil may cry......wah.....i think will play till tire till cannot move, whatever... i share it with my colleague, and suddenly i get some ps fan who ask me to forget about xbox and they intro me another motion sensor in ps3 which also a future thing in ps3. Both are really damm awesome in interactive this time. Future game both is integrate with gesture and motion.

xbox n

ps3 motion controller

Gay rite? dammit which should i buy LOLZ!!!!

1 comment:

酸小妞 said...

buy both !
and giv me 1 XD